Frequently asked questions


  1. What is unser?
    A unique silent media platform with curated photographic images at it's core, flanked by a news feed, the weather and interesting facts and information. 
  2. How can I watch it?
    • On your computer at home or in the office. 
    • On your tablet. 
    • On your smart TV.  
    • Even on your smart phone!
  3. Where is unser screened publicly?
    • Public waiting areas
    • Shopping centres
    • Airport lounges
    • Retail environments
    • Corporate office parks
    • Public transport hubs
    • Medical facilities – hospitals and waiting rooms
    • Banking halls
    • Coffee shops
  4. How much does it cost?
    Nothing. It's free to watch.  
  5. How much data does it use?
    unser uses high resolution images, therefore requires a significant amount of data. If your data plan is restrictive, please monitor your usage.
  6. What should I do if it freezes?
    If you experience errors or frozen screen, simply refresh your browser to resolve.
  7. Can I advertise on unser?
    Yes, please visit our advertising section to find out how.
  8. Can I submit my photos to unser?
    Yes, please visit our photographers section to find out how.
  9. How can I show unser in my workplace?
    Please visit our join unser section to find out how.
  10. What languages are unser available in?
    Currently English, Spanish & Chinese. More to come.
  11. How do I get unser into full-screen?
    Click on the unser display to toggle full-screen mode.
  12. Can I use unser on Apple TV with a Macbook?
    Yes, use Airplay to display your Macbook on the Apple TV and then open unser on the Macbook.
  13. Can I use unser with a Chromecast?
    Yes, open Chrome browser on a connected device and cast unser onto the Chromecast.
  14. Can I use unser on my Xbox or PlayStation?
    Yes, open the console browser and launch unser from our website.
  15. Can I use unser with media players?
    If the media play as a high-resolution browser you can open unser on the media player.
  16. Can I use DLNA to cast unser?
    Yes, if you have a compatible system such as Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge you can cast unser onto any local DLNA device.
  17. How do I use my laptop to put unser on my TV?
    Just attach the TV to the laptop using a compatible cable and you can run unser on the laptop displaying it on the TV.

Do you have more questions? Contact us for help.