Viewing unser
Ways of enjoying unser

Viewing unser

unser Personalunser Personal

Personal viewing
Personal enrichment

unser viewed as stand-alone visual experience caters for personal use as a web favourite or to enrich your life through silent visual entertainment on your computer or smart TV.

unser Gallery

Group entertainment

unser viewed on multiple screens, creates an instant, colourful image gallery for many viewers, to enrich any office or public environment through silent visual entertainment.

unser Work

Silent gallery
Bank of screens

unser viewed on a multiple screen bank, creates an image gallery for usually dull environments, silently enriching work situations.

unser Airport unser Square unser Bar unser Hospital

Making unser part of your life

Perfect places to show unser

  • Public waiting areas
  • Shopping centres
  • Airport lounges
  • Retail environments
  • Corporate office parks
  • Public transport hubs
  • Medical facilities – hospitals and waiting rooms
  • Banking halls
  • Coffee shops

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